You are not paying too much for your broadband at sea, are you?


To make yourself a name in this business you have to earn it. Ancylus is always striving to supply top-notch quality and support. The industry is at the same time highly quality and cost conscious. Ancylus makes every effort to always provide its customers with the most cost effective and attractive technological solutions available.

Ancylus was established back in the mid eighties as a consultancy in the automation and mechanics. In the end of the nineties and beginning of 2000's its orientation started to take form towards the satellite and microwave industry, and in 2003 this became its core business.
Ancylus designed high qualitative two-way satellite equipment, with professional users such as the Stabilized Seaborne Satcom-On-The-Move terminals, and the Portable Satcom-On-The-Pause terminals.

Lately the focus has moved to concentrate on the maritime broadband service in the Nordic region. 2012 Ancylus entered a strategical partnership with the nordic wireless broadband provider - Net1. The outcome of this partnership is the hybrid network -a highly competitive solution for the shipping industry in the Nordic region.