You are not paying too much for your broadband at sea, are you?


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Powered by SES Broadband Services, H2OLiteSpeed maritime broadband is the fastest, most cost effective European maritime VSAT solution.
Based on SES extensive experience and know-how in delivering satellite broadband services to the residential market, they have developed a cost effective bi-directional satellite broadband service for maritime customers, suitable for commercial and leisure shipping.

Developed specifically for the maritime market the system includes special in-motion stabilised tracking antenna measuring 60cm or 85 cm in diameter to ensure reliable connection.
Customers can choose from a range of tailored, fixed rate monthly packages which include hardware, software, installation and 24/7 support while the internet connection is guaranteed to be always available within the footprint of the satellite.

The system was developed specifically for the maritime market and includes a special in-motion stabilised tracking antenna from KNS to ensure reliable connection at all times. It's optimised by industry leading H2OSatellite software and backed by a 24/7 365 operation support.

Broadband for crews, passengers and leisure sailors
The solution delivers high speed internet access with download rates of up to 4Mbit/s, low cost VoIP, data transfer and web browsing. The system is ideal for short-sea commercial vessels including ferries, fishing vessels, cargo carriers operating at sea and on in-land waterways, yachts and other leisure craft. It allows the crew, passengers or friends on-board to benefit from reliable, always- on connectivity. Currently the service offering is available throughout European waters and in the Middle East region.

Low cost
The solution allows for major savings over alternative conventional maritime solutions and brings your crew, passengers or friends aboard all the benefits of true high speed internet on demand. Our simple, fixed monthly payment plan packages prevent any danger of escalating costs.

Service features

  • Up to 4Mbit/s high speed internet access
  • Broadband and hardware for one low monthly fee
  • Antenna from 60cm in diameter
  • Dedicated maritime solution
  • Keep passengers, guests and crew in touch with home and office
  • Ideal for short sea commercial vessels, ferries, fishing vessels, cargo carriers operating at sea and on inland waterways and leisure craft and yachts.
  • Continuous connection
  • 24/7 365 operation and support guaranteed by the service provider
  • Expert installation

Maritime equipment
Antenna - Maritime equipmentOur system uses a dedicated maritime terminal and a satellite modem to connect your on-board PC or network to the internet. The random-enclosed motorised and stabilised dish provides both reception and transmission and automatically aligns and locks onto our satellites to maintain your link even while your vessel is underway, manoeuvring, rolling or pitching.
This cutting edge tracking antenna and the compact below decks equipment are fitted by the authorised specialist marine installers.

Fair Use Policy

Our satellite broadband service is an always-on, flat-rate internet access service, designed to deliver the best possible user experience and quality of service to every user, in an even-handed and equitable way.

In order to give all of our users’ fair access to SES Broadband network resources, we operate a Fair Use Policy. As is the case with all broadband services, users of our satellite broadband share the available system capacity that connects them to the internet and the Fair Use Policy ensures that this capacity is not used disproportionately or allocated unfairly.

During periods of peak use, when there is the greatest number of users of the system and high contention for capacity, our Fair Use Policy restricts the available connection speed of users identified as having made disproportionate use of network resources, in favor of other users.

SES monitors each user’s total download and upload volume throughout each month to identify those with a disproportionate usage profile. At the start of each month, we reset the monitored volume to zero, so all users start the month with a ‘clean slate’ - an equal usage profile and equal access to the network.
Our Fair Use Policy restricts only the speed of access; it does not limit the time connected to the internet through SES Broadband or reduce the overall download/upload volume of any user.

Download the Fair Use Policy