You are not paying too much for your broadband at sea, are you?


Hybrid iDirect

Ancylus Hybrid service in combination with iDirect technology maximizes capacity while it guarantees service levels in order to meet any customer demand.

Features of the iDirect Maritime Solution
The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ reduces bandwidth by dynamically allocating capacity to maritime vessels based on real-time demand using a centralized pool of shared bandwidth. Platform highlights include:

  • Group Quality of Service – Manage the use of bandwidth across fleets, for multiple ships or even prioritized for individual applications or specific requirements on board a single vessel
  • SatManage – Advanced suite of software providing unparalleled insight into network management and reliability allowing operators to provide detailed reports and manage SLAs
  • OpenAMIP – open protocol that enables easier communication and integration between satellite routers and the industry leading stabilized VSAT antennas 

Ancylus is offering hybrid iDirect service in the following coverage:


iiDirect’s VSAT technology is the most broadly deployed solution across the growing ranks of broadband-enabled vessels.

iDirect’s innovations in IP broadband provide a cost-effective, scalable solution with always-on connectivity. The flexibility of the iDirect system allows a maritime service provider to start small, with minimum investment, and scale networks as business grows.